Monday, April 16, 2012

SCV Startup -- an important accelerator hits the market

Clearstone was excited to sponsor this event and to aid and abet the unchecked enthusiasm that is Erick Arndt in his quest to harness the talent around him into an accelerator program...
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  1. Jim, thanks for the shout-out and your support. It's amazing what's going on up here. SCV Startup is the first "lean accelerator" (I think I just coined a new term?). We've got all this traction (talent, startups, content, mentors, investors, and killer events) and it's bootstrapped! And now with 3 promising startups emerging things are really getting exciting. We're capturing the entire thing on video(it is LA, right?) in case Hollywood comes a calling. Watch it at

  2. I missed this event since I'm an SCV Startup newcomer (only 3 meetings so far). However I am excited to be part of such a dynamic and vibrant community as I've found at SCV Startup. As a displaced career aerospace engineer I take redponsibilty for my future, but that doesn't mean I have to face it alone or without support. I expect great things to result from my association with SCV Startup! Michael Jay LaRue,

  3. There is, indeed, a lot happening with SCV Startup and the outpouring of support so far has been nothing short of incredible. This "lean accelerator" has both the potential and gusto to create a startup culture that advocates pure determination - which is the crux of what a startup is!